Est. June 2022

Who is Ullr?

 Ullr is an obscure Norse god who originates from ancient Vikings in Sweden or Norway. Even though little about the original Ullr is known today, in the mountains of Colorado he has had a bit of a comeback. Today Ullr represents winter, snow, and winter sports (especially skiing). More importantly, Ullr is used as an excuse to build community in the middle of winter. As anyone who has been to Ullr Feast in Breckenridge can attest to. So why name our farm after an obscure Norse god who has almost nothing to do with farming and everything to do with snow?

To us, Ullr represents the Viking spirit of exploration and is a way to honor our Breckenridge origins. Plus we figured we would be okay partnering with the god of snow since even if it is snowing we can still be growing!

Meet The TEAM


Founder/ CEO

Nick Millisor is the founder of Ullr’s Garden. A combination of a romantic idealist, philosophical Sci-Fi enthusiast, and history nerd Nick is more of a jack of all trades, master of none. Leaving a career in sales and a burgeoning real estate business in July of 2021, in the wake of a week of Climate disasters all around the world, he vowed to do something different. Eventually talking his brother and beloved cousin into joining his wild idea; Ullr’s Garden was born! Nick is dedicated to the Net Zero mission of Ullr’s and doing what’s needed so that Ullr’s Garden, the environment, and the great people of Denver can all Win!


Founder / COO

Luke Millisor comes to us from a science and technical background. He has 5 years of experience working and managing a neuroscience research lab at CU Boulder. Now he is putting that experience to work for us as our farm manager. Luke is dedicated to ensuring that we grow the highest quality produce possible and experimenting with novel crop types to enable our restaurant partners to pursue the creative menus they want.

Ian Randall

Founder / CFO

After growing up in Great Lakes region of New York, Ian relocated to Denver in late 2011.  His move prompted a shift from working in public accounting to specializing in construction finance here in Denver.  He then moved into residential Real Estate in 2018.  Combining the finance, operations, construction and real estate experience, Ian is drawing upon his past expertise to helping Ullr’s Garden make as big of an impact as possible, especially within the local economy here in Denver.  Ian is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that Ullr's partners receive the highest quality produce, supporting
our community and simultaneously working towards the Net Zero mission of Ullr’s Garden.


Climate change is here. 

It will take a monumental effort to turn the tide in favor of a livable world. However, we believe that every little thing we can do now is an important part of that effort. All of the pieces needed to fight climate change already exist, and all that is required is for humans to start putting those pieces together in their local areas. We know that by ourselves we cannot do much, but by participating in a growing community of people all around the world who are dedicated to trying something different, we can have an impact. We are driven by the idea of "act local and think global."

NET ZERO is our goal. This means that one day our farm and entire supply chain will not contribute carbon or be the cause of any other damage to the natural world. Its a big dream and we are not there yet, but we promise to continue pushing, innovating, learning and experimenting all the way to Net Zero and beyond.

People come first.

We have been lucky to have grown up in this beautiful state and to be a part of the amazing Denver community. We know we are nothing without the people around us.

Whether it is an educational program, mentorship opportunity, community food pantry, or lending a helping hand to a Net Zero business startup, we want to help. Our door is always open.

"Never half-ass two things, whole ass one thing." -Ron Swanson

Our first priority when we wake up and the last thing we check before we go to bed is the health and quality of our crops. 

Luckily our hydroponic system makes it easy for us to constantly monitor the conditions in our farm and the health of our plants all the way from seed to harvest. The closed environment provides protection from the elements and every nutrient their little plant hearts require. They are also completely shielded from pests, without the use of pesticides. The best part is that we harvest the entire living plants with their roots intact; this extends their shelf life up to 3 weeks, making wastage a thing of the past!

Taste is the ultimate sign of quality for us; however, we are confident enough to let our produce speak for itself on that account.

"Be Water, My Friend" - Bruce Lee

The world is changing fast and we need to change with it. There is no playbook to follow for building a Net Zero business so we must experiment and be open to change in order to accomplish our goal.

Part of this constantly changing world is to meet the needs of our partners.  We work with our restaurant partners to adapt to these changes quickly by fulfilling custom orders in only 4-6 weeks!