Ullr's Garden Learning Center. Learn more about our hydroponics system, our living lettuces, and our Net-Zero mission.

Our Hydroponic System


Net-Zero Mission


Living Lettuce


The "how" and "why"

Keep scrolling to learn more about Ullr's Garden's cultivation, produce and mission.

How Ullr keeps their garden running year-round.

Our Hydroponics

Learn more about our Hydroponics system

Container Farms, Hydroponics and more. Click below to learn about how Ullr's keeps their garden running all year-round!

What is Living Lettuce?

What is Ullr's living lettuce? Why should you care?

Incomparable Freshness

It's Alive!

Climate is changing

Human impact is worsening

Here's how we strive to make a difference

Net-zero Mission

Our farms require 90% less water, but measurably more energy than the standard method of farming. Click below to learn more about how we counteract that disparity and our overall mission to leave the earth healthier than we found it!

Explore Ullr's Garden

A brief description of our living lettuce produce, their unique flavor profiles and the packaged bundles we offer for sale.

Our Living Lettuce package blends

Farmer's Green Blend

A combination of deep green, hearty and finely lobed salad bowl-type oakleaf paired with a green, crisp and savory sweet crisp head.  Crispy, fresh and balanced flavor.  Perfect together or mixed! 

Farmer's Red Blend

A combination of deep red, hearty and finely lobed salad bowl-type oakleaf paired with a red, crisp and savory sweet crisp head.  Crispy, fresh and balanced flavor.  Perfect together or mixed!

Hearty Farmer's Blend

Majestic combination of a deep green, compact and crispy romaine paired with a gorgeous deeper red Alkindus butterhead with a soft yet crispy, buttery flavor.

Gardener's Blend

A multicolored combination of our most popular living lettuce heads. The contents will change based on stock, so check back in regularly to find your favorite mix!

Our Partners

Get It Right to your Door!

We partner with Pine Melon to deliver a variety of packaged lettuce box's, fresh cut arugula and basil, right to your front door!

Pine Melon is your favorite online local grocer. It’s on their website marketplace that you can buy our produce, or choose from over 200 other Colorado local farmers and makers to make sure that you buy and support local businesses. That’s not to mention they offer free same day delivery on all orders!

Check out the link below to grab your taste of Ullr’s Garden today!

Your Local Grocer

Marczyk’s Fine Foods has been a staple in Denver Colorado since April of 2002. We love our neighbors here at Ullr’s Garden and are proud to work with Marczyk’s Fine Foods in sharing our produce with both of their brick and mortar locations at:

770 E. 17th Ave Denver, CO 80203 

& 5100 E. Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80220

Stop by and try some of our produce on one of their many delicious sandwich offerings, or, pick up a box for yourself from their market to prepare at home!

Natural Local Fresh

At Leevers Locavore, our mission is to create a community hub centered around food and beverage. You can find Ullr's Garden' produce at the Leevers Locavore location in Denver’s Northside neighborhood at:

2630 West 38th Avenue Denver, Colorado 80211

Leevers Locavore provides natural, local and organic produce as well as quality meats, cheese, bread, beer, wine, coffee, and many other products.

A new way to grow

It’s thanks to the Freight Farms team that we are able to deliver fresh produce, all-year round!

Ullr’s Garden relies on the Freight Farms’ Greenery™ S Hydroponic Container Farms for creating and sustaining the proper growth environment for all of our crops.

Check out their website below to learn more about the wonders of container farms, the technology behind it all, or simply meet their team!

Powered by the sun

That’s right, Ullr’s Garden is powered by the sun!

We understand that our farms use a bit more power than the traditional model of agriculture. To make sure we do more good than harm, we have partnered with US Solar to buy all of our power directly from solar farms located here in Colorado.

Check out the link below to visit their website and learn more about how you can make a difference as well!

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