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Interested in our Farm share?

Our Farm Shares have a high demand each season, if you are interested in getting the freshest greens you can get in Denver than check the link below to see if we have any availability

Why Choose us?

We uses 95% less water

Unmatched tastes and variety

We can grow 365 days a year

Protected from climate and weather impacts

Clean Growing - NO pesticides or harmful chemicals

Grown Locally, Delivered Fresh

(We thought that sounded pretty good)

What IS a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a model whereby consumers buy shares of our farm's harvest in advance for the entire 10-16 week season!

How do I get it?

We are proud to partner with local people and business to offer several convenient pick up locations around Denver

Platt Park Brewery

Prost Brewery Highlands

Improper City

The Humbolt Front Porch

Chain Reaction Brewery

Whats In a Share?

A share of our farm is a weekly supply of our crop for the entire 10-16 week growing season. Available for pick up within hours of harvest every week!

CSA Share Options

The Share

The perfect salad mix

4 - Head Ullr's mix

2 - Bunches of Arugula

1-2 ounces of Basil

Equivalent to 4-6 salads Every Week  

How Much Lettuce is this anyway?

Each Lettuce head is roughly equivalent to 2 side salads or 1 main course salad at a restaurant

We grow serving size portions to help make food prep easy. No guess and no waste!

CSA Sessions


Jan - April


June - Aug


Sep - Dec

Staying Fresh!

Our produce is harvested and available for pick up within hours and come living with their roots intact! If stored properly our Lettuce will last 2+ weeks! For storage we recommend a produce saver bin like the one pictured here, leave roots intact and vent open for long lasting produce!

We grow so so green and clean we don't need to use pesticides, which means there is no need to wash our produce before cooking, just cut off the rootball and enjoy!

Speaking of the rootball, the strange foam thing you see on the bottom of the plants is a corn based foam and is 100% composable, so make sure you throw them into those compost bins!

Shares Available all year!