Our Philosophy

Act Local Think Global

Climate change is a global problem that demands a local solution. Every country, city, town and village will have its own culture, challenges, and opportunities. There is not going to be a single one size fits all solution. There are many different ideas out there but the key is to find out what will work for different places. Denver has experienced and will continue to experience more of the effects of climate change, particularly in the form of droughts, fires, and supply-chain instability. We believe that Ullr's garden is a small piece of the puzzle, but a perfect fit for Denver!

measure, Learn, Adjust, Repeat

The Scientific Method is not just a concept for us its a way of doing things. From how we take care of our plants to how we measure our impact we let questions, data and facts lead the way.

Powered By the Sun

We understand that our farms use a bit more power than the traditional model of agriculture. To make sure we do more good than harm with this new technology we have partnered with Arcadia Solar to buy all of our power directly from solar farms here in Colorado. We also are in full support of Colorado's goal of cleaning up its electrical grid by 2030, but until than we will always do what we can to reduce our impact!