A description of our Hydroponics System and a detailed look at our cultivation processes.

Only uses an average of five gallons of water each day

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Our farm utilizes Closed Environment Agriculture (CEA) to provide the ideal growing conditions for our plants year-round. CEA gives us complete control of the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide level, and even the color of light our plants receive.This allows us to maintain the ideal environment for maximizing the efficiency of plant growth while also creating the most flavorful produce possible.

Another advantage of CEA is that it removes the need for large scale use of pesticides so we can use organic practices.


Our system is designed to grow plants vertically, greatly increasing the amount of growing space. Our farm has the output capacity of a two and a half acre traditional farm all contained in a space the size of a standard shipping container!

This vertical design drips water on the plants from above and catches any runoff in troughs under the plants where the water is then recaptured and reused. Along with our HVAC system that is specifically designed to collect and reuse ambient humidity, we use significantly less water than traditional farming methods. On average, our farms will use only ~5 gallons of water per day!


Our crops are grown under specially designed red and blue LED light panels. These panels only provide the necessary red and blue light wavelengths that mimic what plants absorb the most while in their normal outdoor environments.

This increases the farm efficiency by only providing light that will not be bounced back by the plant leaves. But, it also has the unique visual effect of making the plants appear black while residing in their cultivation tanks.

The amount of time the lights are on, their intensity, and the ratio of red and blue light can all be adjusted based on the needs of our crops.


All of these systems combined allows Ullr's Garden to create an environment that can be customized to the specific needs of our plants and is efficient enough to meet the needs of our community partners.

Sheltered from the normal troubles of weather affecting outdoor agriculture, we are equipped and excited to work closely with our local grocers and grow whatever produce they need to fill their shelves.

It is this adaptability and environmental assuredness that allows us to deliver quality produce year-round.